About Hennion & Walsh

Hennion & Walsh was founded in 1990 with a single goal in mind: to become the nation’s premier provider of investment services to and advocate for individual investors. As such, Hennion and Walsh utilizes a disciplined, personalized approach that has helped thousands of individuals grow and protect their investments. Hennion & Walsh has a heritage as one of the nation’s leading independent specialists in municipal bonds for individual investors. Hennion & Walsh also offers a full suite of equity and fixed-income products and services including wealth management.

Hennion and Walsh Philosophy

At Hennion & Walsh, we believe it is both our responsibility and our privilege to help our clients prepare for a secure financial future. Hennion and Walsh is constantly building and strengthening long-term client relationships through our integrity, trustworthiness, and personal service. Hennion and Walsh has a goal is to be the nation’s premier investment advisor to and advocate for individual investors, providing every investor the institutional-quality care to which we believe they’re entitled.

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