3 simple steps: How to invest in Municipal Bonds

1) Set Investment Objectives

When beginning to decide on any investment strategy, the first question for most investors should always be; what are you trying to accomplish?

With the wide variety of currently available municipal bonds, you’ll find the flexibility of municipal bond investing will offer a lot of choices to select from.

  • Do you require taxable or tax free income?
  • Do you need current income at all or is potentially stable predictable growth from zero coupon bonds what you need today?
  • If growth is what you are after, what date specific, whether it’s one year or thirty, do you want your lump sum to come due?
  • What portion of your investment portfolio should be devoted to income and what portion to growth?

Whatever investment goals you set, your Hennion & Walsh account representative will be able to guide you through the decision-making process, presenting you with ample alternatives and sound advice.

2) Open an Account

Municipal bonds may only be bought by individual investors in an account at a registered municipal securities broker/dealer.  At Hennion & Walsh, the account opening process is designed to protect your privacy and ensure that all investments you make are suitable and based on your investment objectives. In a short phone call, our representatives will ask you for the information required to open your account. Then, our representative will complete all paperwork and forward account opening documents to you for review.

3) Select the Investment That is Right for You

Whether your needs are for bonds that provide tax free or taxable income at Hennion & Walsh, you’ll have access to an online bond inventory that includes thousands of currently available municipal, corporate or government bonds with maturity ranges, coupon rates and issuers to suit every need. And most importantly, your Hennion & Walsh representative will be available answering questions and making specific, personalized recommendations, designed to help you meet your objectives.